Supporting Local Business

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The Importance of Supporting Local Business
Did you know that when you choose to shop at a local business, more of your money stays in your local economy? Supporting local business affects the livelihoods of those living in your community and the best part is you know, or can easily find out, where your products are coming from. It’s inspirational to be able to connect with a business owner and their staff on a personal level and learn more about their products. Local businesses convey a pride of ownership and passion for their products, something that is unparalleled with large national and multi-national companies.

The Callingwood Farmers’ Market has been supporting local businesses for the last 31 years. We are continually inspired by the hard-working people who are proud and passionate about what they do!

Here are a some neat facts about just a few of our many fantastic vendors.

Did You Know…

Phil’s Fudge was recently voted as One of the Top 100 Best Things to Eat in Edmonton! He makes almost 2,500 flavours of fudge. If you have a flavour idea, tell Phil!

Erdmann’s Gardens grows over 27 different varieties of tomatoes and 10 varieties of potatoes.

– In 2014, Fruits of Sherbrooke redirected about 15,000 kg of apples to their network of charities, community groups and smaller food banks.

Good Morning Honey produces 100% high quality, white Albertan honey coming from the nectar of flowers in the fields and crops around Parkland County. To make just 500 grams of honey, the bees have to visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar!

Dallas Mark (DJM Studios) has been playing with Barbie dolls for close to 45 years and still loves it! She has been creating Barbie doll clothing and accessories for 20 years.

– Crystal from Crystal’s Creative Tiles uses donated tiles or tiles from Italy in her creations.

MMS Brittles & Martina’s Vegan House’s vegan foods are gluten free, oil free and dairy free, have no GMO and are excellent for weight loss, diabetics and overall health. Martina’s own high blood pressure and high cholesterol was cured once she started consuming her own products.

Visit the Callingwood Farmers’ Market and see for yourself just how amazing it feels to shop local!


May 18: Spring Planting Workshop at Callingwood

Join us for a Spring Planting Workshop at the Callingwood Farmers’ Market The Marketplace at Callingwood and Farmers’ Market invites you to join us for a Spring Planting Workshop on Wednesday May 18th from 1:00PM-2:30PM.  Our wonderful instructor will teach you how to create a beautiful spring planter with supplies from Erdmann’s Gardens & Greenhouses. 

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  • 69 Avenue & 178 Street