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If you make it, bake it or grow it, you can sell it!

Sixty percent of Albertans shop at farmers’ markets. Some of the reasons why people shop at farmers’ markets is for the food, freshness and quality and authenticity.*

Table Rates

Table rates (including GST) for the 2017 season are:
Wednesdays $27 (6′ table) and $32 (8′ table)
Sundays $40 (6′ table) and $45 (8′ table)
Parking lot stalls (10×10′) are available on Sundays for $45.
Power is available for an additional $2.

Multiple booking discounts:
$2.00 discount per table for 2 – 3 tables
$3.00 discount per table for 4 tables
$4.00 discount per table for 5 or more tables

Please note that we adhere to the 80/20 rule and we will not allow more than 20% of vendors to offer resale items. Such items would include out of country products, franchises, distributorships and home based businesses. Preference is granted to vendors who make, bake or grow their items. However, please submit an application for your product and we will certainly consider it.

If you would like to become a vendor at our Wednesday or Sunday markets, please contact Wayne Hryniw at 780-487-8649, email or fill out the application form below.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for response to your inquiry.

*Information sourced from the September 2009 guide from the Government of Alberta – Agriculture and Development Information Sheet on how to be a Farmers’ Market Vendor.

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