The 2022 Season opens Sunday, May 1st!
Grand Market Sundays 10am-3pm and Mini Market Wednesdays 12-3pm.


The Callingwood Farmers’ Market attracts up to 125 vendors and 3,500 customers per week. Although 2020 was a challenging year, many of our vendors reported their sales were up from the previous year! We work hard to bring a wide selection of vendors, concession options, and family-friendly activities and entertainment to our market, which helps create that high-spirited, joyful, welcoming vibe our market has come to be known for.


Our market is made up of seasonal vendors (those who have the same stall every week at the market) and weekly vendors (those who pick and choose the week’s they would like to be at the market). Weekly vendors are placed based on product type and availability, and are not guaranteed the same stall from week-to-week (though efforts are made to maintain as much consistency as possible).

*Now accepting applications for the Sunday market
Concession vendors are allowed to sell single-serving, ready to consume food and drink items. The menus of each concession vendor must be reviewed in order to ensure there is product variety.

Please contact the Market Manager at to book your space.


All vendors are required to sign an agreement indicating their understanding and acceptance of the following regulations. Failure to comply may result in the forfeiture of a vendor’s participation in the Farmers’ Market.

80/20 Rule – It is required that 80% of the market’s vendors sell Alberta products which they, a family member, a staff member or a member of a producer-owned cooperative or their staff have made, baked or grown. This necessitates that all vendors be honest about the origin of their products. 

Fruit Vendors – Fruit vendors may sell only B.C. fruits (excluding tomatoes). No fruit from California or other areas. Non-Alberta tomatoes are prohibited. B.C. fruit vendors must have inspection slips available at each market.

Liability Insurance – All vendors are required to carry and submit a copy of their own liability insurance. Vendors are not covered under the Callingwood Farmers’ Market group policy. Vendors may go through their own provider or become a member of the Alberta Farmers’ Market Association and receive a special rate with Western Financial Group

Farmers’ Market Food Safety – Any vendor selling food products must meet all food safety guidelines as outlined by Alberta Health Services (AHS). For more information, contact AHS at 780-460-4751 or visit their website.  

Farmers’ Market Home Study Course – All food vendors are required to successfully complete the Farmers’ Market Home Study Course (or another approved sanitation and hygiene course) and submit a copy of their certificate to the Market Manager. 

Labeling Requirements – All food products must be labeled in compliance with CFIA standards

Labelling for cosmetic products and labelling for meats products have more specific requirements and should be investigated by each individual vendor.

Label print size must be no smaller than 1.6 mm anywhere on the product except the bottom.

Nutrition Facts Labeling – At Alberta Farmers’ Markets, Nutrition Facts tables are not required at this time.

Food Packaging and Display – All food, except whole fruits and vegetables, must be pre-packaged before coming to the market. Bagged fresh bread/baking bags must be taped closed before being put on display. Food-grade plastic bags and wrap, paper bags and other disposable containers must be clean and not previously used (garbage bags cannot be used to wrap food). High-risk food cannot be sold in sealer jars as customers may believe the food has been canned, and end up storing improperly. Plastic, styrofoam or paper containers are acceptable.

COVID-19 Protocols and Masks – AHS requires that all vendors have the following in place at every market:

  • Approved hand sanitizer in stall 
  • Strategy to maintain a 6′ distance between vendors and customers (i.e. chalk line, ribbon across front of tent, pylons, etc.)
  • Strategy to manage line ups ensuring a 6′ distance between customers (i.e. signage, chalk marks, etc.)
  • Disinfectant approved for viruses to wipe down surfaces regularly
  • Self-assess before each market, staying home if showing signs of illness

While masks are strongly recommended, vendors (and customers) are not required to wear masks at this time because Callingwood is an outdoor market.

Food Sampling – Vendors are permitted to offer bite-sized samples free-of-charge. All vendors supplying food samples must:

  • Have samples pre-packaged and completely sealed before coming to the market (no food handling permitted onsite)
  • Follow AHS approved handwashing requirements
  • Discard samples if they are displayed longer than one hour
  • Discard leftover or contaminated samples
  • Keep perishable foods below 4°C

High-Risk Foods – AHS’ requirements ensure high-risk foods are safe for customers.

  • High-risk foods include, but are not limited to, foods with high-risk ingredients (i.e. perogies, cabbage rolls, sausage rolls, meat pies, pumpkin, meringue or cream pies, cheesecake, poultry, meat, eggs, milk products, sauces, antipasto, and low-sugar fruit spreads).
  • Vendors selling high-risk foods should review food preparation procedures with AHS before selling the food.
  • All high-risk food must be stored, displayed and transported at a temperature of 7°C or colder.
  • All frozen food must remain frozen while being stored, displayed, packaged and transported.
  • Vendors cannot sell any raw meat unless it is stamped, tagged, labelled or otherwise confirmed as inspected (i.e. provide inspection certificate).
  • Vendors cannot sell milk or milk products unless they are from an approved source (i.e. licensed dairy manufacturing plant). Unpasteurized milk/milk products cannot be sold.
  • Vendors may sell whole, raw, uninspected shell poultry eggs from their farm. The eggs must be clean, free of cracks and maintained at a temperature not exceeding 7°C. 

Home-Canned Foods – AHS’ requirements ensure home-canned foods are safe for customers.

  • Vendors may only sell home-canned jams, jellies and pickles.
  • Canned products must be sealed using new, approved lids.
  • Freezer jams are to be kept frozen.

Refer to the Alberta Health Services Farmers’ Market Guidelines for Canning Lids and Jars (see page 10) for additional information.

Concession Vendors – Concession vendors (units selling food to be eaten at the market) are required to obtain a Food Handling Permit for concessions issued by Alberta Health Services. This permit must be on hand at all times.

Alcohol Sales – All vendors selling alcohol must have a copy of their liquor license with them at all times. Anyone working in the booth must be able to provide evidence of Pro Serve certification.

Product Types – The Callingwood Farmers’ Market keeps records of product types as we accept vendors in order to have a healthy balance of products available. We do not offer exclusivity of any product. We endeavour to manage varying product competition through strategic placement.

Approved Products – Vendors are only permitted to sell the items listed on their application and approved by the Market Manager. Any changes or additions to product lines must be submitted in writing and approved by the Market Manager in advance.

Weather – The Callingwood Farmers’ Market is an all-weather market. Vendors are required to operate in a variety of weather conditions including rain, snow or shine. In the event of extreme weather (i.e. severe lightening, wind, etc.), the market will be cancelled, and vendors will be notified with as much notice as possible.

Cancellations – Vendors are asked to give a minimum of seven days written notice whenever possible, if they are unable to be at the market. The cancellation notice allows us to make adjustments so the market does not appear to have empty stalls. In the event of an emergency and/or last-minute cancellation, please phone or text the Market Manager at 780-982-2751. 

Payments – All stall payments must be made in advance (failure to do so may result in loss of booking and/or affect future bookings). Payments can be made by e-transfer or mailed cheque. Cash will not be accepted. Onsite payments will not be accepted. 

NSF Cheques – All NSF cheques are subject to a processing fee of $50.00 and no future cheques will be accepted unless certified.

Refunds / Exchanges – Unfortunately, there are NO REFUNDS for missed or cancelled days that have already been scheduled, and no exchanges of dates will be given for cancellations. All stall payments are non-refundable.

Assigned Stalls – Vendors are not permitted to loan, sublease or give away the stall(s) they are assigned. Stalls cannot be shared (only one business may operate per stall).

Set Up Location – Vendors may set up only at the location assigned them by the Market Manager.  Locations may change from time to time as new products become available requiring new distribution of goods around the venue. The Farmers’ Market Manager, at his/her discretion, reserves the right to change vendor locations within the market at any time. Because of limited space, additional surfaces are not permitted. The Manager will take consideration in special situations.

Stall Requirements – Stalls at the Callingwood Farmers’ Market are defined as 8’w x 6’d in the covered courtyard and 10 x 10’ in the uncovered parking lot. Stall requirements include:  

  • Vendors must provide their own tents and tables.
  • No product, signs or stands shall be displayed outside of your space.
  • In the parking lot, the front side of each tent should line up with the start of the parking stall lines (not against the curb).
  • Vendors along the east side of the parking lot on 177 Street may park their vehicles behind their tents. Vendors along the west side of the parking lot are not permitted to park their vehicles behind or beside their tents. 
  • Vendors are responsible for bringing weights to anchor their tent(s) in the event of inclement weather. ALL tents MUST be weighted down during the market with a minimum of 25 lb per each tent leg. If the wind becomes too strong, vendors are encouraged to take down their tent(s).
  • Vendors are responsible for any damage that occurs at or around their stall (i.e. city or other vendor’s property, damaged trees, grass, etc.). 

Vendor Arrival/Departure Time – Vendors MUST be set up in their stall and ready to operate by 9:45am on Sundays and 11:45am on Wednesdays at which time vehicle access will be closed. All vehicles used for set-up must also be off the road at this time and parked. Stalls that are vacant after this time may be reassigned to another vendor. No refunds or date exchanges will be given to vendors arriving late where stalls have been reassigned or are no longer accessible.

Vendor Unloading – If your stall is in the covered courtyard, please park near the entrance closest to your stall, unload quickly and go park your vehicle. If your stall is in the parking lot, you may pull up to your stall, unload quickly and go park your vehicle. Complete set up AFTER you have moved your vehicle.

Vendor Exit Procedure – After 3:00pm on Sundays and Wednesdays, once all customers have cleared the area, vendors are permitted to enter/exit the market with their vehicles.

Market Carts – There are a limited number of carts which vendors can use for unloading and loading. After set up, carts must be returned to the storage room before 9:45am on Sundays, and cannot be collected again until after 3:00pm. Carts are available on a first come, first serve basis. Vendors are encouraged to bring their own carts whenever possible.

Vendor Parking – There are two designated vendor parking areas, which are behind Safeway, along 177 Street AND the south parking lot by the gas bar and TD bank.

Public Selling – Public selling begins at 10:00am and ends at 3:00pm on Sundays. Public selling begins at 12:00pm and ends at 3:00pm on Wednesdays. Vendors are not permitted to sell to the public prior to or after this time. Vendor-to-vendor sales are permitted at anytime.

Selling Out – Sold out vendors must display a “sold out” sign on their table and remain completely set up until the end of the market. Vendors are not permitted to pack-up and leave the market early.

Power – Power is only available in select spots in the covered courtyard. If a vendor decides to use a generator, they must have an inverter to minimize generator noise (as it is disruptive to other vendors and market patrons) and must tape down all cables. Generators are only permitted in the parking lot.

Stall Clean Up – Vendors are responsible for their own stall clean-up and for removing and taking away their own garbage. Garbage cans provided in the farmers’ market are for customer use only. The use of city or other businesses garbage bins is strictly prohibited. Vendors offering samples must supply garbage containers for their customers in an easily accessible/visible location.

Ownership Changes – All ownership changes of a business require a new application for vendorship.

Smoking, Vaping and Animals – Smoking, vaping and animals are strictly prohibited in establishments where food is prepared, stored or offered for sale. For this reason, none are permitted in the farmers’ market. This policy applies to the vendors and their stall areas as well. Vendors are asked to refrain from smoking in areas where the smoke drifts into the market area.  

Failure to Comply – Failure to comply with market regulations may result in the following (not necessarily in this order):

  • A written warning
  • Cancellation of stall and removal from the Callingwood Farmers’ Market
  • No refund will be provided for loss of stalls

Emergencies – In the event of an emergency please call or text the Farmers’ Market Manager at 780-982-2751.

*The Farmers’ Market Manager reserves the right to change, interpret and enforce these regulations as deemed necessary.



The following provides an outline of our stall rental costs for the 2021 market season. Vendors who choose to pay for their stall monthly or for the entire season in advance will receive a 10% discount. Discounts are also given for bookings of three or more stalls.



 SUNDAY – 8′ stall in covered courtyard

 $50 / stall / market

 SUNDAY – 10′ stall in uncovered parking lot

 $50 / stall / market

 WEDNESDAY – 8′ stall in covered courtyard

 $32 / stall / market


Payments – All stall payments must be made in advance (failure to do so may result in loss of booking and/or affect future bookings). Payments can be made by e-transfer or mailed cheque. Cash will not be accepted. Onsite payments will not be accepted. 

Cancellations – Vendors are asked to give a minimum of seven days written notice whenever possible, if they are unable to be at the market. The cancellation notice allows us to make adjustments so the market does not appear to have empty stalls.  

Refunds / Exchanges – Unfortunately, there are NO REFUNDS for missed or cancelled days that have already been scheduled, and no exchanges of dates will be given for cancellations. All stall payments are non-refundable.

* Additional payment terms listed in the “regulations” section below.


Once your application is approved, you will receive an invoice by email with full payment instructions. Subsequent invoices will be sent 1-2 weeks before they are due.


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