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Callingwood Hair Co.’s Favourite Hair Colour Trends for Spring 2018

Christmas and the new year seem like a distant memory…now is the time to start thinking about freshening up your hair colour to take you into Spring! Here are five of our favourite hair colour trends for 2018 that are beautiful and fun, guaranteed to keep you looking on point and feeling confident for Spring!

1. Balayage

Balayage has been in style for awhile and is still a huge trend for 2018. Balayage is a freehand hair coloring technique that creates a sun-kissed look on the hair. Light and shade is blended to give a natural, multi-tone look. It is easy to maintain and a great method if you don’t want to do a bold color overhaul.


2. Bronde

When brown meets blonde we get “bronde” and this colour definitely continues to be on trend this year! Bronde is created using the balayage technique but focuses more on fusing the shades of brown in the lengths with a combination of blonde highlights that ‘melt’ down to the tips of the hair. Bronde is a great look for almost everyone from young to old as it really highlights the face and brings out your best features. It’s  also super low maintenance and doesn’t require hours of salon time.

3. Salt and Pepper 

Salt and pepper hair is still huge in 2018 and it’s not just for women who are starting to go grey! People of all ages are embracing grey hair colour which combines black and grey shades to create a smoky, show-stopping look. If you don’t already have grey hair, this look takes some time to achieve. If your hair is dark it is easier, but the hair would still need to be bleached to the lightest ashy/platinum blonde and then dyed grey. This edgy colour looks fantastic but definitely requires a lot of upkeep. Plan on monthly salon visits if you want to keep it fresh. Photo credit: www.allure.com

4. Pinks, Violets, Jewel tones…Oh My!

Adding fun jewel tones or mermaid inspired hues into hair continues to be one of the hottest color trends in 2018. From rose quartz pink and ultra violet to deep purple and dramatic blue, or even melting them together to create a multicolored affect, the key is anything goes when it comes to colour. Being bold or choosing subtle highlights, unique colours can take your hair colour from drab to fab instantly!  Photo credit: www.matrix.com

5. Bright and Fiery

If you’re feeling a little wild, burnt orange hair colour continues to be a hot trend in 2018. Mixing vibrant red and orange tones creates a shade that really works for almost every skin tone. This vivid look will turn heads, but fades easily so plan on more upkeep on your colour to keep it bright and fresh.

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Academy of Learning: Tips for Writing Emails

How many of you struggle when formatting a letter, email or basic correspondence? You are not alone! Many of us have never had any formal training when it comes to what to say, the information necessary to include and how to make your writing clear, concise and diplomatic. Here are some tips for letter/email writing.

Know your audience. Who are you writing to and why? If you jot this down first, this note to self will keep you on track when providing details, questions, and concerns.

Do not enter the recipient’s email address until you have re-read your email or asked for a second set of eyes to look at your work. This will eliminate the risk of accidentally sending an email before it is complete.

When beginning your letter/email always try to have a specific address and person to direct it to. This means doing your homework. Call the office and ask what the manager’s name is. Also, Google the correct, full mailing address and include this under the date on the left hand side of the page. If you know the manager’s name, include “Att:” and their name under the full mailing address.

Avoid using “To whom it may concern,” as this illustrates you have not taken the time to learn about the company, staff, or person to where the letter/email is directed.

In order to present your ideas clearly, take the notes you jotted down before starting and look at them again. What is it that you need to say in order to make your point clear? Should you provide a couple sentences that demonstrate why you are contacting them and how they can help you? Are you trying to relay necessary information and is this information better if listed in point form?  This is where knowing your audience is important. It will help you determine how to present your information.

Make sure that your paragraphs do not run on. Clear and focused writing is key as you do not want to waste anyone’s time (including your own). Sometimes writing a point form outline of the items you want to get across will help you determine what to write in each paragraph.

Try not to make your letter/email long. The more specific and detailed you can get, the better. “Sum it up in the least amount of words possible,” is what I always say to my students!!

Read your letter/email out loud to yourself. If there is a word or phrase that just doesn’t sit right, re-write it. Look for wording or phrasing that could be offensive even if you don’t mean it that way and again, re-write it.

Don’t use emojis, “LOL,” any short form or acronyms that your audience may not understand. When in doubt, eliminate it.

Conclude your letter/ email by thanking that individual for their time and with the details of how that person can contact you. Including both email and phone number is great as most individuals will have their own preference.

If you are looking for more information on how to increase your writing skills, we would be happy to help you at the Academy of Learning Edmonton West located at The Marketplace at Callingwood. We have many short courses you can take that will teach you the finer points of creating documents, punctuation and writing skills as well as grammar. We are here to see you be successful!

We look forward to seeing you soon. Call us today at 780-496-9428.

Becoming an Educational Assistant is a Rewarding Career Choice!

Are you looking for a career that is flexible? Would you like to be free during the summer months and have your evenings and weekends to yourself? Do you love children?

Well, look no further! Working as an Educational Assistant, you will find that this career path is a very rewarding and flexible. Many schools are looking for Educational Assistants that will facilitate student learning and give them the opportunity to have more one-on-one assistance than teachers alone can provide.

Educational Assistants are hired by school boards, early intervention programs, after school care, summer camps and day programs, and various other local community centers. There are numerous opportunities to apply the skills of this program to various job opportunities right here in Callingwood.

At the Academy of Learning, Edmonton West, we offer you short term training to help you secure a position as an Educational Assistant. Our 44 week program offers you the flexibility of training on your terms and during the time of day when it most suits you!

You will cover, in depth, the topics of Child Psychology and Teacher’s Aide Instructions along with the hands on development of your computer skills so that you can assist in the classroom with confidence. We start your program with the basics so you don’t need to worry if you can’t type or know nothing about computers. Getting you started from scratch means that when you graduate, you are fully prepared for your future endeavors. This program also includes a one month practicum, so you will leave here with “real-world” experience, which is a critical part of finding gainful employment.

We offer daytime or evening classes and will work together with you to ensure your success. Our courses are self-paced to ensure that you retain the information and hone the skills most necessary to your personal development. The team here at Edmonton West wants to make that dream you have become a reality.

Call us today at 780-496-9428 or read more about this career opportunity here.



Top 5 Wedding Flower Trends 2017

The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and our winter parkas are being rightfully exiled to the far backs of closets… translation in the floral world? Wedding season is near!

If summer 2017 is going to be host to your special day, you may be on the lookout for some floral inspiration. Callingwood Flowers is here to help! Here’s a list of 5 floral trends that are currently burgeoning in the bridal world, with a few pictures of things we’ve done that are along the same lines.

1. Textured Greens

This trend really flips things upside down! The focus here is on all those greens and foliage that would normally be playing the supportive role in your bridal florals. The key for making this counterintuitive design to work is variety: you want to find a mix that offers diverse shapes, textures, and earthy hues to keep all the green stuff from being boring.

Think long and full garlands down your tables made of tied salal, italian ruscus, eucalyptus or ferns. Gnarled pieces of wood, moss, or ivy can take things into a more organic forest feel, or using some funky rounded pieces like poppy seed pods or berzillia can provide a quirky focal point. Some couples may even wish to add a few flowers into the mix, like a small white potted phalaenopsis orchid, for example, to help brighten your tables. Bridal bouquets should look large and loosely structured to reflect this wild but low-key theme.

2. Bohemian Chic

Similar to the textured greens look, this look lacks that tightly structured look of some of the more traditional bridal floral schemes. Dissimilarly, however, this look calls for TONS of colour; it strays far from monochromatism right into bright punches of flowers that seem as if they were haphazardly plucked from the ground and tied together. Bridal bouquets should be as large as they are wild; oversized and bold is the boho goal. The fun thing about this look is its lack of rules. For example, you can use an eclectic assortment of vases; whatever you have hanging around would fit the bill.

If you want something small to tie the look together, use a consistent ribbon accent colour in your bouquets, leaving them long and hanging down low. Gold tends to look great, but really it could be any colour of your choosing, boho chic has no rules!

3. Rustic Farm/Cottage

This third trend is another that seems to be striving for a style that’s more casual than classy. Mason jar vases decorated with twine, chalkboards, jute, and burlap fit this look, along with flower types that you would see growing in your local garden. Sunflowers, delphiniums, lavender, dahlias, blue thistle (eryngium) and various types of branches or moss would all fit the bill. To take the farm look further you could decorate small wooden or faux-rusted metal birdhouses, wheelbarrows, or wooden pick fences with your florals. This theme, of course, is ideal for outdoor weddings.

4. Clean Vintage

This trend reflects the clean retro lines of the 1950s, typically done either in soft pastel tones or corals paired with teals. It’s steps away from the more wild and eclectic previous 3 looks, offering more symmetrical bouquets and arrangements that are clustered, tucked-in, and neat. Short and round flowers like dahlias, roses, ranunculus, and peonies work great with this style, as well as succulents, which can be found with a pinkish tint to their green fleshly leaves that really ties in nicely. Milk glass or hobnail vases work great with this look, as well as pearl or lace accents.

5. Elegant All-White

When most people think wedding florals this is probably the look that comes to mind: few to no greens, just white, white, and more white flowers. It’s a classic for a reason; this look never fails to make a statement. It’s romantic, elegant, and classy as hell, looking best in those kinds of snazzy indoor venues with draping chandeliers.

Flower types that fit would be roses, orchids (phalaenopsis or cymbidium), peonies, and hydrangea. Suited accents are silver or gold, both of which can be displayed by beautifully shimmering mercury glass vases.

A modern tip for tablescaping is to stuff each individual arrangement with only one type of white flower. When you put the different arrangements side-by-side, it will really show off each flower types’ individuality and offer a clean and neat look to the eye.

Visit the talented and professional floral designers at Callingwood Flowers today! Located at The Marketplace at Callingwood shopping centre in West Edmonton, 6655-178 Street.