Top 5 Wedding Flower Trends 2017

The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and our winter parkas are being rightfully exiled to the far backs of closets… translation in the floral world? Wedding season is near!

If summer 2017 is going to be host to your special day, you may be on the lookout for some floral inspiration. Callingwood Flowers is here to help! Here’s a list of 5 floral trends that are currently burgeoning in the bridal world, with a few pictures of things we’ve done that are along the same lines.

1. Textured Greens

This trend really flips things upside down! The focus here is on all those greens and foliage that would normally be playing the supportive role in your bridal florals. The key for making this counterintuitive design to work is variety: you want to find a mix that offers diverse shapes, textures, and earthy hues to keep all the green stuff from being boring.

Think long and full garlands down your tables made of tied salal, italian ruscus, eucalyptus or ferns. Gnarled pieces of wood, moss, or ivy can take things into a more organic forest feel, or using some funky rounded pieces like poppy seed pods or berzillia can provide a quirky focal point. Some couples may even wish to add a few flowers into the mix, like a small white potted phalaenopsis orchid, for example, to help brighten your tables. Bridal bouquets should look large and loosely structured to reflect this wild but low-key theme.

2. Bohemian Chic

Similar to the textured greens look, this look lacks that tightly structured look of some of the more traditional bridal floral schemes. Dissimilarly, however, this look calls for TONS of colour; it strays far from monochromatism right into bright punches of flowers that seem as if they were haphazardly plucked from the ground and tied together. Bridal bouquets should be as large as they are wild; oversized and bold is the boho goal. The fun thing about this look is its lack of rules. For example, you can use an eclectic assortment of vases; whatever you have hanging around would fit the bill.

If you want something small to tie the look together, use a consistent ribbon accent colour in your bouquets, leaving them long and hanging down low. Gold tends to look great, but really it could be any colour of your choosing, boho chic has no rules!

3. Rustic Farm/Cottage

This third trend is another that seems to be striving for a style that’s more casual than classy. Mason jar vases decorated with twine, chalkboards, jute, and burlap fit this look, along with flower types that you would see growing in your local garden. Sunflowers, delphiniums, lavender, dahlias, blue thistle (eryngium) and various types of branches or moss would all fit the bill. To take the farm look further you could decorate small wooden or faux-rusted metal birdhouses, wheelbarrows, or wooden pick fences with your florals. This theme, of course, is ideal for outdoor weddings.

4. Clean Vintage

This trend reflects the clean retro lines of the 1950s, typically done either in soft pastel tones or corals paired with teals. It’s steps away from the more wild and eclectic previous 3 looks, offering more symmetrical bouquets and arrangements that are clustered, tucked-in, and neat. Short and round flowers like dahlias, roses, ranunculus, and peonies work great with this style, as well as succulents, which can be found with a pinkish tint to their green fleshly leaves that really ties in nicely. Milk glass or hobnail vases work great with this look, as well as pearl or lace accents.

5. Elegant All-White

When most people think wedding florals this is probably the look that comes to mind: few to no greens, just white, white, and more white flowers. It’s a classic for a reason; this look never fails to make a statement. It’s romantic, elegant, and classy as hell, looking best in those kinds of snazzy indoor venues with draping chandeliers.

Flower types that fit would be roses, orchids (phalaenopsis or cymbidium), peonies, and hydrangea. Suited accents are silver or gold, both of which can be displayed by beautifully shimmering mercury glass vases.

A modern tip for tablescaping is to stuff each individual arrangement with only one type of white flower. When you put the different arrangements side-by-side, it will really show off each flower types’ individuality and offer a clean and neat look to the eye.

Visit the talented and professional floral designers at Callingwood Flowers today! Located at The Marketplace at Callingwood shopping centre in West Edmonton, 6655-178 Street.

Callingwood Farmers’ Market launching New Wednesday Hours

The Callingwood Farmers’ Market is gearing up for its 33rd season supporting local Edmonton and area growers and artisans. The Farmers’ Market aims to cultivate community spirit by offering a warm and welcoming place to support our local economy, learn about new and unique products and socialize with peers.

The season opens on Sunday, May 7, 10am-3pm and Wednesday, May 10 – with brand new Wednesday hours, 12-5pm. Many vendors and shoppers are excited about the new hours as they are designed to reach people who have varying schedules.

The Callingwood Farmers’ Market is home to over 100 vendors throughout the season. The Farmers’ Market is situated in the covered courtyard and part of the parking lot in front of Safeway at The Marketplace at Callingwood Shopping Centre. The Marketplace at Callingwood offers over 70 retail shops and professional services.

Farmers’ Market Finds for Your Perfect Outdoor Space

When you think about creating your perfect outdoor space, you may immediately think about shopping at a larger greenhouse or big box store. Farmers’ markets are a great place to find plants and unique products that are sure to help spruce up your yard.

At the Callingwood Farmers’ Market, we have a number of vendors who offer locally grown or handcrafted outdoor products. Wayne Hryniw from Wayne’s Cedarworks handcrafts spectacular patio and lawn wood furniture including tete-a-tetes, gliders, swings, chairs and tables to make your patio and fire pit settings complete. Each piece is created using Western Red Cedar and is comfortable and very durable.


If you’re a bird lover, Joe Marchand of Joe’s Woodcrafts builds charming bird houses, bird feeders, squirrel feeders and even bat houses!


Of course, plants and floral arrangements are sure to make any yard beautiful. Visit St. Albert Greenhouses or Erdmann’s Gardens & Greenhouses next time you’re at the market and they’ll be able to advise you on the best choices of potted flowers and garden plants for your yard. They’ve got gorgeous pansies, geraniums, petunias and so much more!


If you really want to have a yard that stands out on the block, you must stop by Creative Outlet Art Studio. In addition to unique, hand painted seasonal lawn decorations (Halloween and Christmas), they also design and craft sports themed art for your lawn. You can find everything from dance tosoccer to swimming! Or visit Jeff Mehlenbacher who creates unique chainsaw wood carvings of wildlife including bears, owls, birds, as well as stools and tables. They are truly incredible works of art!

These vendors, and so many more, offer delightful, locally grown or handmade products for your yard and patio. Be sure to stop the Callingwood Farmers’ Market to see what you can find!

Supporting Local Business

The Importance of Supporting Local Business
Did you know that when you choose to shop at a local business, more of your money stays in your local economy? Supporting local business affects the livelihoods of those living in your community and the best part is you know, or can easily find out, where your products are coming from. It’s inspirational to be able to connect with a business owner and their staff on a personal level and learn more about their products. Local businesses convey a pride of ownership and passion for their products, something that is unparalleled with large national and multi-national companies.

The Callingwood Farmers’ Market has been supporting local businesses for the last 31 years. We are continually inspired by the hard-working people who are proud and passionate about what they do!

Here are a some neat facts about just a few of our many fantastic vendors.

Did You Know…

Phil’s Fudge was recently voted as One of the Top 100 Best Things to Eat in Edmonton! He makes almost 2,500 flavours of fudge. If you have a flavour idea, tell Phil!

Erdmann’s Gardens grows over 27 different varieties of tomatoes and 10 varieties of potatoes.

– In 2014, Fruits of Sherbrooke redirected about 15,000 kg of apples to their network of charities, community groups and smaller food banks.

Good Morning Honey produces 100% high quality, white Albertan honey coming from the nectar of flowers in the fields and crops around Parkland County. To make just 500 grams of honey, the bees have to visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar!

Dallas Mark (DJM Studios) has been playing with Barbie dolls for close to 45 years and still loves it! She has been creating Barbie doll clothing and accessories for 20 years.

– Crystal from Crystal’s Creative Tiles uses donated tiles or tiles from Italy in her creations.

MMS Brittles & Martina’s Vegan House’s vegan foods are gluten free, oil free and dairy free, have no GMO and are excellent for weight loss, diabetics and overall health. Martina’s own high blood pressure and high cholesterol was cured once she started consuming her own products.

Visit the Callingwood Farmers’ Market and see for yourself just how amazing it feels to shop local!

Vendor Profile – Wilmar Farms

Hot N Savory 1 lbHulled Hemp 6.2.14 132_Flavored OilsHemp-AIDWilmar Farms ( have been a vendor at the Callingwood Farmers’ Market for 6 years. They sell hemp products including food, skin and body care and their hemp is very healthy, natural and locally grown. They are located on a three generational farm with a ¼ acre of land near Beaumont and were in need of a crop to grown on the land. They enjoy eating hemp, as well as research has shown that hemp is a growing trend, so it was an easy decision for them.

They love meeting the different customers at our market and educating them about hemp. Stop by Callingwood Farmers’ Market on Sundays & Wednesdays and learn more about the amazing health benefits that hemp can provide!


Vendor Profile – Gwen Kadylo of Us Two Crafts & Creations


Gwen 2??????????

Meet Gwen Kadylo, the creator behind Us Two Crafts & Creations. Gwen has been a vendor at Callingwood Farmers’ Market for 6 years and loves it! She loves sewing but got tired of dressmaking so started to create handcrafted kitchen linens, quilted wall hangings, treasure bags, pillow cases and sports aprons. She is proud of the fabrics she uses in her pieces as well as the quality of her sewing.

Gwen decided to join the Callingwood Farmers’ Market because of its good location, variety of customers and great manager, Wayne! She is also thrilled to be part of the excitement of being a vendor in a farmers’ market. She really enjoys interacting with customers and vendors and loves the atmosphere of our market.

Drop by and visit Gwen on Sundays at Callingwood Farmers’ Market and see for yourself how amazing her products are!

Bike Week at the Market – June 8 & 11


Bicycling is environmentally friendly while supporting physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The Callingwood Farmers’ Market is an advocate of these values and recognizes the importance of assisting our community in making cycling easy and fun. On June 8 and 11 we hosted our Annual Bike Days, inviting cyclists of all ages to bring their bikes to the Market for a free tune-up by mechanics from the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society. There was a steady flow of bikes at the tune-up station and many happy customers. Some came seeking answers about issues with their bikes and the mechanics were helpful and knowledgeable.

A huge thank you to everyone who brought their bikes to Bike Day, and to the awesome mechanics from Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society. The Annual Bike Days will once again happen next June at the Market.

Vendor Profile – Skyler and Corinne Stacey of Original Canadian Kettlecorn


Mmmm…what’s that delicious and fresh smell you ask? It’s kettle corn! Nothing beats the aroma of sweet and salty popcorn made fresh on-site.


Skyler and Corinne Stacey are the owners of Original Canadian Kettlecorn and have been vendors at the Callingwood Farmers’ Market for 8 years! They remember the first time they brought their kettle to the market and how the air was filled with the mouth-watering smell of fresh cooked popcorn. Now many market shoppers have their eyes peeled for the kettlecorn trailer each week at the market, and they keep coming back for more!


The Staceys first set their eyes (and taste buds) on kettlecorn in Arizona and loved how the kettle created such an atmosphere at events. They love that the popcorn is always made hot and fresh for customers and that it’s a simple mix of only corn, canola oil, salt and sugar. It’s a perfect low calorie snack!


Skyler and Corinne make their kettlecorn business a family affair. “Pa Kettle” (aka Skyler) is the big boss and primary cook. “Ma Kettle” (aka Corinne) is the organizer, candy maker, staffer and all around hard worker. And the “Kettle Kids” (aka Braelyn and Kyuss) are the extra special helpers!


Be sure to stop by for some kettlecorn at each Sunday market and taste this top notch product for yourself. It certainly won’t be your last kettlecorn experience!

The Staceys are grateful for the Callingwood Farmers’ Market, especially Market Manager, Wayne. They credit much of their success in the growth of their business to the support they’ve received from our market.

Learn more about Original Canadian Kettlecorn here.


Happy 30th Birthday To Us!

It was a cold and wet season opening this year on Sunday, May 4, but that didn’t keep Edmonton’s die hard market go-ers away! We still had plenty of patrons to help us celebrate our 30th birthday. Most of our activities such as the petting zoo, bouncy castle and dancers had to be cancelled, but we were fortunate to still have Councillor Michael Oshry say a few words to kick off our 30th year. And we handed out cake – lots of it.


Despite having frozen fingers, our market patrons and vendors were in very good spirits and everyone was excited to have another market season underway. We welcomed back many of our long time vendors, such as Erdmanns Gardens, and it was great to see so many new vendors as well. As always, there were tons of samples of delicious locally made products. If you haven’t tried the dips at Theo’s Greek Kouzina, this is a must-do! You will come back for more!

What I love most about the Farmers’ Market is seeing how many talented individuals set up a table and sell their creations. We have everything from delicious salsa, dips, fudge, and produce to handmade clothing, Japanese inspired textiles, handcrafted jewelry, revamped vintage wares and more. The products are unique and I know by purchasing from our vendors, that I am supporting a small business by shopping local.

P1000292Our Market Fresh Blog will profile some of our vendors throughout the market season, as well as host guest bloggers from time to time. Keep an eye out to learn more about our amazing vendors!

The Callingwood Farmers’ Market runs on Sundays from 10am – 3pm and Wednesdays from 2pm – 6pm in the covered courtyard in the Marketplace at Callingwood Shopping Centre.

Vendor Profile – Carol Cooper

What a beautiful season for fruit, especially rescued fruit. In 2010, Carol and her team at Fruits of Sherbrooke noticed that their neighbours were throwing out some apples that were perfectly healthy but just not pretty enough to sell. This inspired Carol to start her fruit rescue program.

Rescued fruit is fruit that has been deemed not suitable for sale because of bruising, stem pokes or at times the fruit is at the end of its market life. Fruits of Sherbrooke saves the fruit by turning it into gourmet products like condiments, jelly and jam. Their handmade jams are made using 60 to 100% rescued fruit in every jar. This year, after receiving an abundance of strawberries, they have been focused on producing items using this popular berry.

This is Fruits of Sherbrooke’s third year at the market and they love chatting with shoppers about their jam and their fruit rescue program. Have YOU saved a fruit today?